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Texas Avenue Park

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 Rental Fee
$50 non-refundable fee due with reservation

Reservation Conditions:

a)         All reservations shall be on a first come, first served basis.

b)         No reservations will be made without a signed reservation agreement.

c)         All reservations shall be conducted on a non-bias, non-discriminatory basis.

d)         City sponsored events shall take priority over public reservations.

e)         Applicant signing reservation agreement must be at least 21 years of age.

f)          The signed Reservation Agreement shall be in possession of the
             person reserving the facility during use for parties, picnics or social gatherings.

g)         Reservation is for main Covered Picnic Pavilion ONLY.

h)         Applicant is responsible for clean-up.     

i)          Weekend reservations shall be made NO LATER THAN 10:00 A.M. on Friday            
             preceding the weekend event. 

City of Webster Park Rules

It shall be unlawful for any person(s) to commit any of the following prohibited acts within the city limits of Webster in accordance with the City Code of Ordinances; Chapter 62; Parks and Recreation; Article I., In General; Sec. 62-2 Unlawful Acts.  These provisions do not apply to City of Webster sponsored events of activities

(1) Willfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with, displace or remove any structure, tables, benches, railings, trees, shrubs or ornamental plants, flower beds, paving or other park property or appurtenances.

(2) Throw or discharge trash or debris onto the parks grounds or fail to clean up debris or trash after utilization of park grounds.

(3) Operate any motor vehicle, including but not limited to motorcycles, motorbikes, minibuses, trailbikes, go-carts and similar vehicles, in, on or across any city park except in those places established for public parking. However, city officials, employees and members of the fire department or emergency medical service while conducting public business are expressly excepted from this subsection. In addition, the director of public works may authorize motor vehicles to drive or park in the park on a specific instance basis. The maximum speed for all motor vehicles within the park shall be five miles per hour or less.

(4) Ride or lead a horse, donkey, or mule onto the park ground.

(5) Use, or allow to be used, any bicycles, skateboards, skates, or in-line (rollerblades) skates in a city park.

(6) Overnight camping or parking of a motor home, camping trailer, or unit accommodating any person on park premises beyond curfew time.

(7) Play loud music or make any loud noise so as to interfere with any person's enjoyment of park areas or facilities.

(8) Possess or consume any alcoholic beverage.

(9) Play in hard sole shoes on the tennis courts of the city. The term "hard sole shoes" shall be defined as any business or leisure shoes or boots not specifically designed for the playing of tennis and that would have a tendency to leave marks or rough surfaces on a tennis court.

(10) Possess or utilize any glass container. For the purposes of this subsection, "glass container" shall mean any receptacle, made wholly or partially of glass, which is designed for the storage or consumption of any food or beverage.

(11) Possess or utilize confetti, silly string, glitter, water balloons, or any party favors containing these items or other filling which is designed to pop/break/shatter or otherwise burst and litter park grounds. This shall include but is not limited to: poppers, piñatas, confetti eggs, and silly string.

(Code 1993, § 16-7; Ord. No. 97-01, § 1, 1-21-97; Ord. No. 97-01, § 1, 1-21-97; Ord. No. 08-22, § 1, 11-18-08; Ord. No. 11-06, § 1, 8-16-11; Ord. No. 14-14, § 1, 11-4-14 ; Ord. No. 18-10 , § 1, 5- 15-18); Ord. No. 22-07

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