What if I Posted a Bond?

Were you released from jail with a cash bond?

A cash bond is a bond that was posted by an individual to get somebody out of jail or to get them a new court date. A cash bond is not issued through a bonding company. If a cash bond was posted for you, you have been assigned a new court date. 

If you wish to plead “Not Guilty” or you wish to ask for jail credit, you MUST appear in court on your court date.

If you wish to enter a plea of “Guilty” or “No Contest”, you may fill out this online Transfer Cash Bond Request Form and request to have your bond transferred to pay your fine before your assigned court date. 

Were you released from jail with a surety bond?

A surety bond means a bonding company has agreed to guarantee your court appearance so that you may get out of jail or get a new court date. The money you pay to a bonding company is for their bond, and will not be applied to any fines or fees that may be due to the court. You must appear in court on the date provided on your surety bond unless you contacted the court and arranged a disposition of your case(s) before your court date.