Information About Citations

Municipal Court - Citations

Information regarding your Citation:

  • Your signature on the citation you received is not a plea of guilty.
  • You must contact the court to arrange for court appearance or to make arrangement for disposition of the charge(s). This contact is to be made no earlier than 2 days after the date citation was issued, and no longer than 10 days from the date on your citation.
  • You have the right to appear in court and contest the charge(s) brought against you. You have the right to a trial by Judge or a jury trial.
  • Payment of fines (except for juveniles or minors charge with alcohol or tobacco related offenses) is accepted by mail, by person in the court office or at the night depository by the front door of city hall, or by credit card using a touch-tone phone.
  • When making an appearance in the court office or before the Judge, bring your copy of the ticket with you.
  • If you are charged with any offense and you are 16 years of age or younger, your must appear in court accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.
  • All traffic and minor alcohol/tobacco convictions are reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety Records Division.
  • Unless you appear in court or make disposition of the charges brought against you in the court office on or before your arraignment, an additional charge of "Failure to Appear" may be filed against you and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You may also be denied the renewal of your driver's license.