Employment Process

Webster Police Department Hiring Process Overview

The hiring process for Police Officers, Police Cadets and Telecommunications Operators (TCO'S) is essentially the same. Entry tests will be administered for Police Officer and TCO positions. The following is a basic overview of the process. This process is subject to change. We ask that candidates utilize the website as much as possible to help answer questions pertaining to employment with the Webster Police Department.

  • When a position comes open, whether it be for a Police Officer or a TCO, the city's Human Resources (HR) department will post the opening on the City of Webster and Webster Police Department websites and in local publications
  • Interested persons should contact HR (281-316-4145) to ensure that their application is on file and to advise which date they want to take the entry test if more than one test date has been posted.
  • Applicants who do not have an application on file can obtain a copy from the document center link on the top of the home page. Police Officer applicants also need to print and fill out an Authorization for Release of Personal Information form which is also located in the document center.
  • The supervisor from the Police Department's Office of Professional Standards (OPS) will then contact the top scoring candidates and arrange to issue them a Personal History Statement (PHS) packet; Instructions on how to fill out the packet and when to return it will be included, packets must be returned within a specified timeframe
  • After thoroughly completing the PHS, candidates will contact the Office of Professional Standards and arrange a one on one meeting to return and review the PHS
  • Oral Review Boards (ORB'S) will then be scheduled; the ORB consists of a structured interview session, a situational reasoning interview session and a general question and answer session
  • Following the ORB candidates will be ranked by score and extended a conditional offer of employment pending successful completion of the following: psychological testing, polygraph testing, a physical examination, drug screen and a complete background check, candidates must be willing and forthright in disclosing all required information
  • Once all steps are completed the candidate will meet with the Chief of Police and a starting date will be agreed upon
  • If a candidate fails any portion of the process then the next candidate in line will be processed

Required Background Documents

Certain documents will be needed from each applicant in order to continue through the process. It is highly recommended that applicants locate and organize these documents as soon as possible. Original documents are required. Once copies are made the originals will be returned except for credit reports

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Official College Transcripts (no copies)
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Military Discharge Papers (DD-214, if applicable)
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Papers
  • Sealed Credit Report
  • Basic Certificate
  • Peace Officer License ( or proof of passing examination)
  • Any Certificates and Degrees