Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

As a proactive and progressive police department, the employees from Telecommunications and Patrol, through the Chief of Police are dedicated to preventing crime and criminal activity in our city.

We realize that in the role we perform, that we must not only respond to criminal activity and apprehend criminals, but we must foster a positive partnership with our citizens and businesses alike to reduce that criminal activity. Among our staff at the Webster Police Department, we have eight officers trained in both residential and commercial crime prevention.

Residential Specialist & Commercial Specialist

Any of these officers would be more than happy to assist you with protecting your property or assisting you in efforts to make your day to day activities safer.

Services available through the Webster Police Department

Residential Services

  • Home Security Inspections
  • Residential Crime Prevention Survey
  • Individual/Group Training
  • Neighborhood Watch Assistance
  • Crime Prevention Resources

Commercial Services

  • Crime Prevention Assessment Tool
  • Commercial Crime Prevention Survey
  • Management/Employee Training
  • Crime Prevention Resources
  • Miscellaneous Services

Crime Prevention Links:

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