Mayor: Donna Jasso

Mayor Donna Jasso

Donna Jasso, Mayor of the City of Webster, was re-elected for a second consecutive three-year term on February 2, 2021. Mayor Jasso's leadership, since 1995, has resulted in unprecedented economic growth and vitality for the municipality, along with highest levels of service to residents and commercial constituents.

Jasso's tenure includes serving as Council Member and Mayor from 1995 to the present, as well as presiding as the President of the Webster Economic Development Corporation since its inception in 1999.

Mayor Jasso’s invaluable combination of leadership, experience, and dedication to the City is illustrated by  her “Webster Advantage” platform, which translates into some of the lowest property tax rates and utility rates in the region, fueled by business growth, premier public safety, quality infrastructure, and unsurpassed customer service.

Mayor Jasso pioneered the creation of significant economic development, community development, and infrastructure projects, such as Project Genesis with Costco, Odyssey Business Park, and Genesis Boulevard; Project Flyway with Topgolf, American Furniture Warehouse, and forthcoming super-regional hospitality, entertainment, and retail masterplan; Project Gateway with new retail development; NASA Bypass Business Park with Absolute Volleyball Academy; Webster Fire Station; Texas Avenue Park; Webster Animal Shelter; NASA Parkway; and extensions of several corridors within the Webster Medical Center.

While Webster’s footprint might be small—just 6.7 square miles—it’s home to more than 10,000 residents and over 2,200 businesses that include some of the most innovative and successful companies on the planet. It’s important to Mayor Jasso that residents, businesses, and visitors to the City find Webster vibrant, attractive, and safe—a wonderful place to live, work, stay, and play.

Mayor Jasso acknowledges that the City’s strength can be measured by those who labor diligently on its behalf and invest in the municipality, as it is people who build, cooperate, collaborate, guide, and lead with their hard work and insightful decisions. Mayor Jasso stands committed to working hard with her fellow council members, board members, and constituents to ensure that Webster is a leader among cities.

For more than two decades, Mayor Jasso has resided in Webster—a City, community, and people to whom she is deeply connected, and she exhibits that relationship by continuing her legacy of service.






Donna Jasso


Webster City Hall
101 Pennsylvania
Webster, TX 77598

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Term Expires: May 2, 2026