General Information

The City of Webster aims to create a development-friendly atmosphere, providing a high level of customer service. The staff encourages property owners and prospective developers to seek as much information as possible in the early stages of a project. Members of the development community may contact the staff at any time to ask questions about the development process.

Additionally, the staff offers a pre-development meeting opportunity to property owners, developers, and their respective development teams to discuss proposed projects. A pre-development meeting may be requested by emailing the City Planner or simply by emailing the Chief Building Official if there is not a site development component to the project.

The City of Webster’s Development Guidelines provides an overview of the development process, ranging from economic development assistance to receiving a certificate of occupancy. You may find that the Development Guidelines provide the answers to many of your pre-development questions.

Zoning Verification

To determine if a property is located in the City and, if so, which zoning designation applies, simply email the City Planner or visit the City’s GIS/Maps website, which contains both interactive and (8.5 by 11 inches, 11 by 17 inches (PDF)) versions of the zoning map.

Utility Verification & Impact Fees

To determine if a site has the required public infrastructure for a particular development type, as well as the applicable impact fees, you are encouraged to contact Public Works at 281-316-3700.