Clear Lake One Building

17448 Highway 3

Clear Lake One Building is a 49,890 square foot attractive office facility featuring abundant glass and modern lines. Located on Highway 3 inside the Medical Center of the South, Clear Lake One Building is home to some of Webster’s finest physicians and medical groups.


  • Alan H. Silverblatt, Ph.D.
  • Bay Area Rehab Medical Therapy
  • Bharat Patel, MD Cardiology
  • Clear Lake Oral Surgery
  • Douglas E. Webb, MD
  • Eduardo Garcia, MD
  • Joseph T. Alvarez, MD
  • Lewis K. Clarke, MD
  • Pranav H. Bhakta, MD, PA
  • Space City Pain Specialist
  • Reza Zakhireh, D.M.D.


Robert Crenshaw
Leasing Agent
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