Municipal Court of Record

The Municipal Court’s primary function is to process all Class C Criminal charges filed by the Police Department, Fire Marshals and Code Enforcement Officers alleged to have occurred within the territorial limits of the City of Webster. These include charges filed under the Texas Transportation Code, Penal Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Health and Safety Code, Education Code and Webster Code of Ordinances.

Presiding Judge

The Honorable James W. Woltz

Associate Judges

  • The Honorable David J. Salinsky
  • The Honorable James Tittle
  • The Honorable Ethan Baker

Court Staff

  • Patty Stav, CMCC, CCM, Court Administrator
  • Shannon Wagner, CMCC, Deputy Court Administrator
  • Michelle Alexander, CMCC, Court Docket Specialist
  • Patsy Jones, Deputy Court Clerk
  • Xochilt Alvarado, Deputy Court Clerk