The City of Webster is the Nucleus of Bay Area Houston with its strategic position midway between downtown Houston and Galveston.

Webster's central corridors consist of Interstate 45 with 250,000 vehicles daily, Bay Area Boulevard with 100,000 vehicles per day, and NASA Parkway with 75,000 vehicles daily! Additionally, Medical Center Boulevard, Texas Avenue, and Highway 3 are arteries that accommodate the "medical center of the south," with a service area population of 1,800,000 patients annually.

Webster is known as the retail, dining, and entertainment capital of Bay Area Houston. With rooftops driving retail, the population is 3,603,976 within a 30-mile radius, 1,066,792 within a 15-mile radius, and 630,086 within a 10-mile radius.

Additionally, Webster is supported by major industry sectors: aerospace, medical, spaceport/military, retail, higher education, specialty chemical, tourism, entertainment, and biomedical.

No Ordinary Destination

Perfectly positioned midway between downtown Houston and sun-drenched Galveston, a new destination is taking shape along I-45 in Webster's southeast quadrant. Flyway is unfolding with iconic entertainment, dining, recreation, and sports entertainment venues anchored by the region's only Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort hotel and conference center that broke ground September 22, 2022. Great Wolf Lodge is underway to open Q2 2024 with 532 family-friendly suites, expansive 95,000 SF indoor waterpark, 58,000 SF family entertainment center, and 11,200 SF conference center.

The 80+ acre destination development will fuse the indoors with the outdoors in remarkable, unprecedented new ways with best-in-class dining and entertainment venues amid a walkable, inviting atmosphere with a boardwalk, event lawn, and unique amenities. Flyway takes the outdoor experience to the next level, creating gathering areas and walkable spaces that inspire visitors to extend their stay and visit multiple venues. Visitors can purchase mixed drinks from any establishment, stroll along the boardwalk, talk amid the trails, and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Aerospace Capital of the United States

NASA’s Johnson Space Center, located in Webster’s backyard, is one of the region’s and state’s top economic drivers, as this $1.5B complex amid 1,620 acres with a workforce of 15,000 civil servants, astronauts, and contractors leads the country’s human space exploration initiative. According to the State Comptroller, Johnson Space Center’s economic impact on Texas is $4.7B annually and supports more than 52,000 jobs

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Medical Center of the South

While Houston touts the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center, Webster is renowned as the medical center of the south. Webster features four full-service hospitals, two long-term acute care hospitals, and three rehabilitation hospitals with 5,000+ in the medical workforce. Webster’s medical center accommodates 1.8M patients annually.

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Spaceport/Military Base/Airfield

Ellington Airport is a designated spaceport, host to both civilian and military aviation operations, and home to troops from all five of the U.S. Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base is the home base of the Texas Air National Guard 147th Aircraft. According to the State Comptroller, total employment for Ellington Field is 2,323. Output is $470K; GDP is $286K; and disposable personal income is $143K.

Ellington, as an international airport, military airfield, and designated, licensed commercial spaceport has attracted a number of innovative, entrepreneurial aerospace companies.

Axiom Space is launching at 21300 Gulf Freeway, the former Fry's building. The 147,000 square foot facility will house the division of Axiom Space that is tasked with creating Axiom Station—the world's first commercial space station. This Axiom Space location will employ a workforce of almost 600. 

An additional 180,000 square feet of office space will also be utilized by Axiom Space at 600 Gemini St., in Webster. The expansion came after a remarkable $228.5 million contract was announced for Axiom Space to create NASA's next generation astronaut spacesuits to support the Artemis lunar missions. The employees that will operate inside 600 Gemini will be the minds behind the cutting-edge spacesuit. 

Intuitive Machines, headquartered at Ellington and founded by Steve Altemus, President and CEO, designs, analyzes, integrates, tests, and flies aerospace systems for lunar landers, satellites, and human space flight. The company has worked on ground support equipment, space suits, ISS payload systems, lunar lander designs, universal return vehicle, and commercial space station designs.

Venus Aerospace is designing a spaceplane that will travel 12 times faster than the speed of sound and at an altitude of 150,000 feet—which means a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo in one hour. Venus Aerospace Co-Founders Sarah and Andrew Duggleby currently lease an office at Ellington Airport and are working with Spaceport at Ellington to build their headquarters/testing facility.

Collins Aerospace, a division of Raytheon Technologies and Hamilton Sundstrand, is constructing a 116,000 square foot facility amid eight acres at Spaceport for aerospace manufacturing and acceleration. Collins Aerospace will add 250 engineering and technician jobs to the region, as this growing company seeks to innovate and accelerate the growing business of space with its manufacturing laboratory and ability to connect with the area’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic communities in tackling aerospace-related challenges and advancing opportunities.

Demographic Profile - 30 mile radius

  • Full Demographic Profile
  • 2021 Population: 3,603,976
  • 2023 Projected Population: 3,776,062
  • 2021 Households: 1,286,849
  • 2023 Projected Households: 1,352,824
  • Median Age: Male - 34.1 years, Female - 35.9 years

Traffic Counts

  • Interstate 45: 250,000 daily vehicles
  • Bay Area Boulevard: 100,000 daily vehicles
  • NASA Parkway: 75,000 daily vehicles