Records Department

The records department of the Webster Police Dept. is comprised of two administrative clerks who are responsible for the storing, indexing and dissemination of all law enforcement records. Some of these records include calls for service (CFS), incident and offense reports, accident reports, and call statistics. Some fees are applicable to the release of information and are listed below.

Business Hours

The regular business hours for the records division are:

  • 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday - Thursday and 7:30am to 11:30am on Friday

Obtaining Reports

CRASH Reports can be obtained by providing the CRASH Case Number, or two of three of the following pieces of information…date, location, and/or name of one of the drivers.

Crash reports can be obtained at the Texas Department of Transportation website

CRASH reports released by the records staff will be charged based on fee structure provided in the Texas Transportation Code.

Incident Reports can be obtained by providing the Case Number, or enough information relating to the case in order to locate it. Public Information Copies are available on all cases except when deemed confidential by law. However, there are certain conditions that prevent a report from bring released in it's entirety, and they are listed as follows:

  1. If an incident is still under investigation, or
  2. If the charge filed has not been dispositioned by a court of law.
  3. Also, if the report contains certain information such as juvenile names or names of Assault Victims, or personal information such as Driver License No's, Social Security No's, or Vehicle information, that info will be redacted (blacked-out).

In most instances, if you wish to obtain a report other than your own report, an Open Records Request in writing must be submitted. Click here for a copy of the form that you can e-mail, bring in, or fax to the records division.

Select an online submission and printable form.

There are acceptable and customary fees for reports obtained in person as set out in the fee schedule. If you have questions about these fees please contact the records or refer to the fees list below.

There are no fees for reports obtained by way of our website. These free reports can be accessed though the P2C link on the home page or by following the Web Report Access

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