The Communications Division is a vital part of the Webster Police Department under the command of Captain R. Graham - Support Services Division and is managed by Michael Munson - Communications Manager. Each shift has a Lead Emergency Communications Specialist (LECS) that oversees the day-to-day operations. As a division we take great pride in providing the best quality service to the citizens of Webster, Taylor Lake Village, El Lago, and Nassau Bay; as well as to the Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMS personnel that we serve.

As with any Communications Division, we are the first point of contact for citizens and a lifeline for our field personnel, a responsibility we take very seriously. We look for enthusiastic, community-oriented team players that have the skills and ability to interact and deal effectively with a population that is culturally and socio-economically diverse.

The Communications Division dispatches for the following agencies:

  • Webster Police Department
  • Webster Fire Department
  • Webster EMS
  • Nassau Bay Police Department
  • Nassau Bay Fire Department
  • Nassau Bay EMS
  • Lakeview Police Department (Taylor Lake Village and El Lago)

The Department operates on a 12-hour shift structure with flexible shift exchanges and shifts are bid by seniority once a year.