Special Operations

Dive photo

Dive Team

Webster Dive Team consists of 9 Public Safety Divers between the fire and police departments.   The purpose of the public safety dive team is to conduct searches for, locating, identifying, and retrieval of objects, including remains and evidence, from under the surface of the water. Helps locate and recover drowning victims, abandoned vehicles, and (if properly trained) evidence in criminal cases.  


Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) is coordinated by the Texas A&M Forest Service.  TIFMAS is the framework through which fire & rescue agencies work together to provide support for incidents as diverse as hurricanes and wildfires. Local resources, including personnel and apparatus, deploy at the request of the State to provide assistance.  As a partner agency, Webster Fire Department, Webster firefighters have deployed as State assets since the beginning of TIFMAS and have played critical roles in major fires across Texas and the United States.

The State of Texas reimburses local governments the cost of providing the resources.  In addition to responses, Webster firefighters are actively involved in all aspects of TIFMAS including training, task book review, statewide coordination and leadership.