Floods are one of the most common hazards, striking small areas, cities, or entire states. Floods can occur at any time - during hurricanes, rain storms, or even when the local area weather is clear (e.g. - upstream rain, water release from a reservoir, broken water mains). If it rains, it can flood.

Flash floods are the number 1 cause of weather-related deaths in the US. Be especially weary in low-laying areas.

Flood Watch - be alert for changing conditions, flooding is possible.

Flood Warning - take immediate action, flood danger is present.

Flood Safety Tips

  • Evacuate if directed to do so or if you feel a threatened.
  • Move to higher ground as soon as possible.
  • Avoid moving water, 6 inches can knock a person down, 24 inches can sweep a car away.
  • Build a kit – include items needed to survive 72 hours or more, include food, water, and medicine.
  • Be ready to evacuate - do not wait for instructions, move to higher ground as soon as a threat is emanate.
  • Keep a battery-powered or wind-up radio on hand. Tune to local stations for emergency information.
  • Move items to a higher location. If time permits, turn off utilities before evacuating.
  • Do not walk or drive into flooded areas.

Before the flood

  • Know your flood risk. FEMA maintains a interactive website showing flood risks. Type Webster, Texas in the upper left box to show Webster.
  • Check your insurance, homeowner's insurance policies do not cover rising water.
  • if purchasing flood insurance, remember there is a 30-day waiting period for coverage to go into effect.
  • If evacuating, turn utilities off before you leave. Do not turn them back on until the system has been checked.

For more information on floods visit Ready America's flood page.

Emergency Preparedness

The City of Webster has an emergency notification service that enables officials to disseminate messages to thousands of residents and businesses rapidly through a single telephone call, text message, or email.

Swift 911
Emergency Alerts
Emergency Profile

SwiftReach Networks, Inc.

Webster's Mass Notification System