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Home Security Inspections
Home Security Inspections
The following requirements must be met to qualify for a reduction in your homeowners insurance premium (Confirm participation with your insurance agent before continuing.):
  • If all of the requirements in Section I are met, you may qualify for a reduction in your homeowners insurance premium.
  • If all of the requirements in Section I and II are met, you may qualify for a greater reduction in your homeowners insurance premium.

Section I
  1. Exterior doors must be solid-core doors that are 1 3/8 inches thick and must be secured by deadbolt locks. The deadbolt locks must have at least a one-inch bolt that penetrates a metal strike plate.
  2. Metal doors must be secured by deadbolt locks as described above.
  3. Double doors must meet the specifications provided by section one of the Texas Insurance Code and must have the inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate metal strike plates, and in the case of glass located within forty (40) inches of the header and threshold bolts, the bolts must be flush mounted on the edge of the door.
  4. Sliding glass doors must be secured by secondary locking devices to prevent lifting and prying.
  5. Garage doors must be secured by auxiliary locking devices.
  6. Windows must be secured by auxiliary locking devices.
  7. An auxiliary locking device required by this section does include screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, and key-operated locks. Metal bars or grating, if mounted to prevent easy removal, may be substituted for auxiliary locking devices.
  8. Jalousie or louvered windows do not meet these specifications unless they are protected by metal bars or grating as described above.
  9. In any case, when a double-cylinder deadbolt lock is used, provisions should be made for quick emergency exit at night. A spare key may be placed near the lock, or a key may be left in the lock overnight to facilitate quick exit.

Section II
  1. All exterior structure openings are contacted. Contacted means each opening should have a magnetic contact actually touching it. Openings are all doors and windows that were designed to be opened (upstairs included). If the garage is attached to the house, the overhead door and any side doors must be contacted.
  2. The alarm system includes an interior and exterior siren.
  3. This requirement must be met by the homeowner or tenant obtaining a letter from the alarm company. The letter must be an original on the alarm company letterhead and signed by a representative of the company. The letter must be addressed to the insured with the correct address of the residence. The letter must state: ALL ALARM EQUIPMENT IS UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY APPROVED AND THE ALARM IS MONITORED BY AN UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY APPROVED CENTRAL STATION. THE SALES, SERVICE, INSTALLATION, AND MONITORING OF THE SYSTEM ARE DONE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PRIVATE INVESIGATIONS AND PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCIES ACT, ARTICLE 4413 (29bb) Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes.

These requirements along with the described letter from your alarm company must be met prior to an officer coming to your residence. The officer will retain the original copy of the letter, so it is recommended that you make a copy.

If all of the requirements are not met at the time of inspection, the inspection will not be completed, and another inspection will need to be scheduled at a later time.

For questions, or to schedule a home inspection, contact Community Services at 281-316-4164, or contact the Support Services Lieutenant at 281-316-4154.

You can also send requests by email by clicking the links below. 

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