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Apollo And Beyond

Apollo and Beyond 
Celebrate the Past
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Apollo-era Astronaut Statue and Visitors Center

Project Overview: International tourist venue serves not only as a tribute to the Apollo Program, which put the first Americans in space, landed them on the moon, and returned them safely back to Earth but also as a window into the future of space exploration, space habitation, and space technology.
The project’s centerpiece consists of an 80 foot tall Apollo-era statue designed and built by renowned artist and sculptor David Adickes. The visitors/education/conference center is a 20,000 square foot edifice that complements the statue and includes a museum component— interactive and static exhibits that focus on the Apollo era and provide a window into the future of space exploration, technology, and habitation; a multi-purpose meeting area that can be used for conferences, performances, banquets, workshops, and special events; and a gift shop with Webster hotel and tourism information.
There is no question that the Apollo Program serves as a monumental chapter in US and world history, as Apollo set major human spaceflight milestones. This tourist attraction commemorates Apollo, which ran from 1961 to 1972 and paved the foundation for NASA’s Johnson Space Center’s human spaceflight program. The very best traits of humankind coalesce in Apollo—courage, intelligence, ingenuity, curiosity, and integrity—and this venue serves as a legacy and tribute to those qualities and, above all—the importance of human space travel and its widespread, beneficial impact on humanity.
Just as important, however, is the focus that this attraction endows for the future of space travel, space technology, space exploration, and space activities. This international window into the future of space will provide a look at novel ways to reach planets in deep space, retrieve satellites, research asteroids, and unlock mysteries…

Project Location: 1414 West NASA Parkway, ideally positioned on NASA Parkway—Gateway to NASA—with easy access to Interstate 45.


Downloadable Apollo and Beyond brochure

Vision of the International Attraction by Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz, Ad Astra Rocket Company and Hall of Fame Astronaut

 KTRK, Channel 13, 2-4-2014 newscast

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