TCO Test Results - Fall 2014

This position is in the hiring process.

 We would like to thank each and every one of you who applied for the position and for all of the personal sacrifices you all made to be here for the process. This was clearly an outstanding group of professionals. If you are above the cut off line , you need to print the personal history packet, complete the required information, and then return the packet as advised by the Lieutenant responsible for the hiring process.


Overall Score Report

TCO Test - Sept 29 and Oct 1, 2014

Date: Thursday October 2, 2014

Rank ID  Test Date Overall Score
1. 000054905 09-29-2014 94
2. 000059329 10-01-2014 93
3. 000041162 09-29-2014 90
4. 000063152 10-01-2014 87
5. 000005503 09-29-2014 81

Cut-Off Line

Rank ID Test Date
Overall Score
6. 000069425 10-01-2014 79
7. 000096662 10-01-2014 77
8. 000096879 09-29-2014 76
9. 000070698 10-01-2014 75


The list of applicants generated for this hiring will be kept on file for one year from the last test date or until all eligible applicants have been exhausted.

If your score falls below the "cut off line", you have been excluded from the process based on your testing score.

If your contact information changes and you still wish to be considered for any future opening, you must notify the City of Webster Human Resources Department and provide updated contact information. Keeping this information current is the responsibility of the individual applicant.